Wellness Points

  What are Wellness Points?

Employees earn Wellness Points by answering two questions: 1) Do you avoid all forms of tobacco? 2) Do you engage in at least 150 minutes of exercise per week?

As an employee of WVU Medicine, WVU Employee at HSC, or WVU you may receive 25 Wellness Points per semester for each “yes” answer. Each point is equal to $1. The employee’s Wellness Points are used each semester to pay for any wellness classes he or she wants to take. Wellness Points can be accumulated up to 200 points/year.

How do I obtain Wellness Points?

Wellness point forms may be completed annually. Online forms are available for printing by clicking on the following link: Wellness Points form. Forms are also available at the Wellness Center main office (Room G281-A, Ground Floor, Health Sciences South).

How can I check how many Wellness Points I have?

Please contact the Wellness Office at 304-293-2520.

How do I use my Wellness Points?

Employees pay a nominal fee depending on the program, and the remainder of the fee is covered by Wellness Points.