March Into Mindfulness Series

The mindfulness team welcomes you to learn various experiential techniques and bring focused attention into the now moment to enjoy a calmer mental and emotional state. Each class will be present opportunities to learn about the Science of Mindfulness,  Mindful Yoga Sequences, Breathing Practices and Mindfulness Meditation.

March into Mindfulness to gain valuable skills in becoming a more integrated human while understanding how to navigate the current emotions of the pandemic with more strength and calmness. This free virtual series is open to all of WVU and WVU Medicine and will take place from noon-1:00 p.m. every Monday during the month of March.
  • March 1: Meditation Mini Retreat (recording)
  • March 8: Self-Care is not Selfish (recording)
  • March 15: Mindful Sleep
  • March 22: Mindful Parenting
  • March 29: Mindfulness for Pain

Recordings will be available for those unable to attend the noon sessions. Contact wellness specialist Anthony Danko to register.