Why a Memorial Garden?

Our goal is two-fold … families of past patients, along with many community members, expressed a need to reflect on memories of their loved ones, both alone and with others feeling a loss. The garden will provide an opportunity to do both. Also, it provides additional charitable contributions to continue WVU Medicine Hospice purpose of assisting families to care for their terminally ill loved ones at home with dignity and quality until death, regardless of their ability to pay.

WVU Medicine Hospice assists families in giving the last gift of life — be surrounded by their loved ones and have their symptoms controlled at home until life’s end.

Often times we hear that not buying a birthday or holiday gift brings such grief. WVU Medicine Hospice Memorial Garden provides an opportunity to remember your loved ones, while assuring continued end-of-life care to your community. Remember your loved ones with a memorial garden gift to WVU Medicine Hospice.

WVU Medicine Hospice Memorial Garden Paver Campaign

Don’t miss this opportunity to support the work of WVU Medicine Hospice and be a part of the memorial garden. Your donation of $100 will not only provide a paver tribute but also contribute to the ongoing care of the terminally ill in our communities though the work of WVU Medicine Hospice.

A paver is an engraved “brick” placed in the walk way of the memorial garden. Graveled areas in the garden have the potential to become a paver walk way, thus the opportunities to participate are ongoing.

Is the garden only for Memorializing hospice patients?

Anyone may be remembered or honored in the garden. The proceeds from the garden will be used to help offset the cost of caring for patients of WVU Medicine Hospice. The contribution levels have been structured so that no less than 50% of the contribution benefits the terminally ill. Gifts will be acknowledged in an appropriate way and according to the wishes of the donor.

Are there still named gift Opportunities?

There are many named items still available. Pavers are ongoing and are a great way to remember or honor someone. For a complete list of available items call (681) 342-3235.

How can I obtain information or Purchase an item?

For more information contact WVU Medicine Hospice at (800) 339-9896 and ask to speak to someone regarding the WVU Medicine Hospice Memorial Garden. Your questions will be answered and forms to purchase an item will be mailed to your home or you may use the form in this brochure for pavers

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