My daughter SeVohn Hunter has been attending CCYB for the past 4 summers. She LOVES it and can not wait to (hopefully) become a Jr. Counselor. Thank you Sonny and Chantal and the entire CCYB staff and volunteers for EVERYTHING that you do to make this an enjoyable and educational experience for her. See ya next year!!!


THANK YOU CAMP CATCH YOUR BREATH!!!! My son had the most awesome time! He absolutely LOVES your camp and plans on going again next year!


My wife and I are so glad we found this camp for our son, it has been such an amazing experience for him and for us because we know our son is in great hands and having the time of his life all the while learning how to manage his asthma!! Thank you!


Victoria had a wonderful time again this year. Thanks for all you do!


You guys make a difference! I can never say enough to thank you all at CCYB.


CCYB was my life growing up.. it was the only thing I looked forward to.. Not just for the great friends but for the great learning skills that were taught.. I remember being the only severe asthmatic in my school and everyone thinking it meant you couldn’t do anything. I can’t begin to tell you how much CCYB changed my life!!! I can honestly say I don’t know if I would have had the courage to participate in anything without camp giving it to me.


I just wanted to thank you for all of the hard work and dedication that you put in to Camp Catch Your Breath.  I know that I don’t even have a clue of all that goes on behind the scenes to make this program so successful but I can tell you what I do see.  I see a well thought out and well-organized program that helps kids.  I see counselors who take time with kids, and kids who walk away feeling special.  I see children learning more about their medical condition and a reduction in  the fears and isolation that stems from it.  I see these same children laughing and joking with the Drs and care-takers who would otherwise be mere professionals who prescribe all the medicines they have to take.  I see the kids who came in last in every race in gym class realizing they can do things.  The most awesome thing that see is that the staff truly seems to learn and grow from the kids as much as the kids do from the staff.  I cannot begin to thank you enough for all that you do to make this camp happen.  Thank you for a wonderful year.