wwb_img78St. Joseph’s Hospital Sleep Center is located on the first floor for easy access and has a capacity of two beds. Our Sleep Center offers diagnostic, therapeutic, and split night studies by our Registered Respiratory Therapist, who is board credentialed as a Sleep Disorders Specialist. A physician specializing in sleep medicine will review all test results.

A polysomnograph or sleep study is conducted during sleep. During this study the patient is observed and monitored.

The following information is gathered; brain waves, heart activity, limb movements, oxygen saturation, and respiratory efforts including any snoring.

To prepare for a sleep study, please do not nap the day of the test or consume caffeine or other stimulants. Bring your routine medications to the sleep center and provide a list of all your medications (names and doses) that you normally take. Also, bring comfortable clothes to sleep in.

Patients arrive at 7:45 pm to register and are discharged the following morning. All testing is scheduled as an outpatient procedure.

For more information call the Sleep Center at 304-878-2223.