Palliative Care is a team approach to supporting patients and their families during an advanced or chronic illness. Palliative Care is concerned with the care of the whole person. It is usually offered to inpatients and their families when the patient’s disease is becoming less responsive to curative treatment or has become a life-threatening disease process.

St. Joseph’s Palliative Care Team includes doctors, nurses, social workers, pharmacists and pastoral care. Other professionals such as dietitians and physical therapists are involved as needed.

The Palliative Care Team works with the patient, family, and the members of the healthcare team, to help with the following:

  • Physical symptoms such as pain or difficulty breathing.
  • Emotional and spiritual well being.
  • Changing treatment needs.
  • Decision Making.
  • Developing a Plan of Care.

Why Should You Consider Palliative Care?
Your healthcare team will often suggest a referral for assistance from the Palliative Care Team when they recognize that you or your family are experiencing difficulty with your illness.  This service is for inpatients and their families only. 

For more information contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Social Worker at 304-473-2139 or Pastoral Care at 304-473-2189.