Meet Alena Rothwell, 47, kidney transplant recipient

“The transplant team is amazing. The surgeons are great and then also my nurse coordinator. I would say the overall experience with the transplant team is great.”

Meet Donald Bill, 75, kidney transplant recipient

“It’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. It’s just been great. I am so thankful for my doctors, my transplant team, my donor, and their family. I thank God every day for it.”

Meet James Wiley, 30, heart transplant recipient

“When I got better, I started living my normal life, but with more of an understanding of what was going on. After my transplant, my priorities changed. I better understand what’s important, and it’s made me mature a lot quicker. It makes you see what’s important, and, honestly, it’s made me have way more patience with people.”