The first step in our program is to attend an information session.

WVU Medicine Bariatrics team
The WVU Medicine Bariatrics team

Shortly after the information session, the bariatric surgery coordinator and surgeon will review the information you provided, and an appointment will be scheduled for you to meet with the surgeon.

At this visit, the surgeon will review your medical history and have a detailed discussion with you about different types of bariatric procedures. You may have to undergo additional testing and/or evaluations with other medical specialists. Screening tests done before surgery help your surgeon plan for your surgical care. You will meet with a psychologist and dietitian individually as well.

After all tests have been completed, the information is submitted to your insurance company. Once the insurance company pre-authorizes surgery, your appointment can be scheduled.

Two to three weeks prior to your surgery date, appointments are scheduled with the surgeon and pre-admission testing.

This final step before surgery is an opportunity to have your questions answered and to learn more about what to expect after surgery.