WVU Medicine is offering a new procedure for gastric bypass patients who suffer from biliary, pancreatic, and gall bladder issues. Endoscopic ultrasound directed transgastric ERCP, called EDGE, is a minimally invasive solution that provides a safe and proven alternative to traditional surgery.

The procedure enables access to the stomach without open surgery, using ultrasound to help guide the placement of a stent to connect the excluded stomach to the stomach pouch that the patient uses to digest food. After the two stomach sections are connected, the surgeons are able to drain the bile or pancreatic duct and use a specialized endoscope to remove gallstones internally.

Gall stones are a common problem with bypass patients because of their rapid weight loss. The EDGE procedure enables our team to treat these conditions while significantly reducing in-patient stays, and many patients go home the same day.

WVU Medicine was the first academic medical center to perform this procedure using a 20 millimeter Axios stent. Currently, WVU Medicine is the only provider in the region to offer the EDGE procedure.