Cleft Palate

Oral-facial clefts are birth defects in which the tissues of the mouth or lip don’t form properly during a baby’s development.

The WVU Medicine Multi-Specialty Cleft Palate Clinic is committed to caring for and treating those with clefts of the lip and/or palate and other craniofacial problems. Our team includes the following specialists:

  • Surgeons
  • Facial plastic surgeons
  • Dentists
  • Orthodontists
  • Otolaryngologists (ENT)
  • Audiologists
  • Speech pathologists

Babies are typically referred very soon following birth, so the team makes recommendations about early care, such as making sure he or she is eating without difficulty, is gaining weight, and when the best time for surgery will be.

As the baby grows and develops, we evaluate speech and language skills and discuss any necessary referrals for intervention with the parents.

Primary care physicians, parents, teachers, and any other professionals from the tri-state area can make referrals to the Cleft Palate Clinic by calling 304-598-4825.