Rhinoplasty is the facial plastic surgery procedure that refines the appearance of one’s nose. Corrective surgery of the nose may also be chosen to repair structural problems that obstruct free breathing or damage caused by an injury or prior surgery.

Planning for Surgery

If you are considering nasal plastic surgery, the first step is to come for a consultation. Your doctor will want to review your attitude and expectations for the outcome of the procedure. In the consultation, you will be asked to point out what you like and dislike about your nose.

To help you see what your new nose will look like, we use video-imaging to show the appearance of your nose both before and after making the changes.

Surgery and Postoperative Care

This type of surgery is most often performed on an outpatient basis. You may receive general anesthesia or some other type of sedation.

The amount of discomfort following surgery varies from person to person. Pain medication can help lessen the discomfort you might feel. Any swelling or bruising usually disappears about a week after the surgery.

Returning to work will depend on your level of activity, but ordinarily, people who’ve had this surgery can go back to work after about a week of recovery.