What is a midwife?

Certified nurse midwives are licensed healthcare providers who support women with lifelong gynecologic and obstetric care. As maternity caregivers, their goal is to help each mother have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Midwives also provide routine healthcare, including perimenopausal services for mature women, referring our patients to other specialists as needed.

What is special about WVU Medicine’s midwives?

Our services are patient-oriented and family-centered. Our midwives work with each mother and her partner to make their childbirth experience what they want it to be.

WVU’s nurse midwives are committed to preparing and educating women for what to expect in pregnancy and birth. We counsel our patients regarding prenatal health, such as eating a balanced diet and taking vitamin supplements. Prenatal visits include assessing appropriate maternal weight gain, blood pressure, and vital signs. We also screen for risk factors by taking a complete personal and genetic history.

How do midwives handle a high-risk pregnancy?

A high-risk pregnancy must be monitored closely. We order testing and screening for complications of pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes. Once we identify a high-risk pregnancy, the nurse midwife group may schedule a referral to a specialist. We consult with maternal fetal medicine doctors, geneticists, social workers, or other specialties as needed. These services are readily accessible to our patients here at the various WVU medical office sites and at Ruby Memorial Hospital.

Are WVU’s midwife services covered by insurance?

Yes. Our midwife services are covered by most private insurances. Our office staff can help you determine if your insurance covers midwifery services.