Our Commitment to You

We are strongly committed to providing care for the women of West Virginia and the surrounding region who have complicated or high-risk pregnancies.

Services we provide include maternal-fetal medicine consultation and care for:

  • Medical disorders
    • hypertension and preeclampsia
    • diabetes
    • heart disease
    • cancer or history of cancer
    • rheumatological and immune diseases
    • kidney disease
  • Pregnancy complications
    • twins and other multiple gestations
    • preterm labor or previous preterm delivery
    • fetal growth restriction
    • fetal anomalies
    • placental abnormalities
  • Pregnancy diagnostic services and procedures
    • detailed and/or targeted pregnancy and fetal ultrasonography
    • amniocentesis
    • fetal blood sampling and transfusion
    • fetal shunt placement

Genetics counseling services include:

  • preconception counseling
  • genetic screening and counseling
  • advanced maternal age
  • counseling of patients with ultrasound or testing abnormalities

WVU Maternal-Fetal Medicine has an extensive outreach program with obstetrical consultation services to more than 20 hospitals in the region.