The Appalachian region has a well-documented, high prevalence of chronic disease among its residents compared to the nation as a whole, and nearly 85 percent of the burden of chronic disease and mortality is attributable to lifestyle risk factors.

To help improve the quality of life for West Virginians and those in the surrounding region, WVU Medicine is offering an evidence-based approach to prevent, treat, and often reverse chronic disease through Lifestyle Medicine.,

Lifestyle Medicine addresses diseases and conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, and hypertension, by replacing unhealthy behaviors with positive ones. The root causes of the diseases are targeted through six key interventions – nutrition, exercise, stress, substance abuse, sleep, and relationships.

This program works in collaboration with your primary care provider. After an initial evaluation, an action plan is created using evidence-based lifestyle changes that are specific, measurable, feasible, appropriate, and time-related.

Treatment focuses on providing personalized support and guidance to assist patients in achieving their health and wellness goals through lifestyle adjustments, while your primary care provider continues to manage prescription medication.

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