Health Screening and Maintenance Schedule

See your doctor and be sure to have the following as recommended:

Hemoglobin A1C Every three months Less than 7.0% at WVUH labs
Blood Pressure Every three months Less than 130/80
Triglycerides Every year Less than 150
LDL Cholesterol Every year Less than 100 {with heart disease, less than 70}
HDL Cholesterol Every year Females greater than 50
Males greater than 40
Urine albumin/creatinine ratio Every year Less than 30 mg/g Cr
Retinal eye exam Every year Normal
Comprehensive foot exam with microfilament Every year Normal or no loss of sensation
Visual foot exam Daily No changes
Dental exam Every six months Normal
Flu Vaccine Every fall
Pneumonia Vaccine At age 65, then every 5-6 yrs.
A one-time revaccination is recommended for individuals older than 64 years of age.
A booster shot is necessary if you were previously immunized when you were younger than 65 years of age and if the vaccine was administered more than 5 years before you turned 64.
Formal Diabetes Education Every year
Treatment plan review Every 3 months
Continual self-glucose testing Varies depending on treatment plan. Typically, at minimum, three times a week testing three times a day – fasting, before main meal and two hours after start of main meal Fasting and before main meal, 70-130mg/dL.
Two hours after the start of main meal, less than 180mg/dL.