Screening and Vaccination Schedule

People with diabetes (both type 1 and type 2) are at higher risk for serious problems from certain vaccine-preventable diseases. Talk with your provider about keeping up-to-date with vaccinations and any other necessary screenings as recommended.

Blood pressure Every three months Less than 130/80
Comprehensive foot exam with microfilament Every year Normal or no loss of sensation
Dental exam Every six months Normal
Diabetes education Every year
Flu vaccine Every fall
Foot self-exam Daily No changes
Self-glucose testing Varies, but at least each week, three times per day fasting before main meal and two hours after start of main meal Fasting and before main meal, 70-130mg/dL
Two hours after the start of main meal, less than 180mg/dL
Hemoglobin A1C Every three months Less than seven percent
Hepatitis B Once People younger than 60
HDL Cholesterol Every year Women age 50 and older,
Men age 40 and older
LDL Cholesterol Every year Less than 100 (with heart disease, less than 70)
Tdap vaccine Every 10 years
Triglycerides Every year Less than 150
Urine albumin/creatinine ratio Every year Less than 30 mg/g Cr
Retinal eye exam Every year Normal
Pneumonia vaccine Once before the age of 65 and twice more after Seniors age 65 and older
Shingles (herpes zoster) vaccine Once Men and women age 50 and older
Treatment plan review Every three months