Nose reshaping surgery or rhinoplasty, improves the shape, size, and proportion of a person’s nose, sculpting it into better balance with the rest of the face. Your plastic surgeon can help you attain a nose that looks natural with your particular features, but it’s important to have a realistic expectation about what rhinoplasty will do for you.

Rhinoplasty is frequently performed as an outpatient procedure and the results are permanent.

The procedure can:

  • Straighten a crooked nose
  • Smooth noticeable bumps on the bridge of the nose
  • Reduce the length of an overhanging nasal tip
  • Refine the size of a large nasal tip
  • Narrow and nose that is too wide for the face
  • Reduce the size of a nose that is too large
  • Restore a nose after injury
  • Open blocked nasal passages

Rhinoplasty is not suitable for people of all ages. The nose must be completely developed before it can be altered. This means the end of patients are generally age 14 for girls and 16 for boys.

Rhinoplasty options

  • Open rhinoplasty – typically used for patients that require extensive reshaping. There is some scarring with this procedure, but the natural curve the nose conceals them.
  • Closed rhinoplasty – is for patients that require minor adjustment to the nasal structures. Closed rhinoplasty leaves no visible scars after surgery.
  • Tip plasty – alters only the tip of the nose.

Non-surgical options

Noses can also be reshaped without surgery using dermal fillers. This is a temporary procedure that last up to a year. A filler product is injected in specific points in the nose, then the surgeon:

  • Evens bumps
  • Reshape the nasal tip
  • Corrects nasal symmetry

This method is an inexpensive way to evaluate the look of a new nose without committing to a permanent change with rhinoplasty surgery.