What to expect

As soon as you decide to have a total joint replacement, you can look ahead and start planning for your surgery and then getting back on your feet again. The more prepared you are, the more you can concentrate on your recovery.

The Orthopaedic Nurse Clinician will act as your liaison throughout the course of treatment from pre-op through admission. She will:

  • Obtain your health information
  • Begin to assess your needs at home, including caregiver availability
  • Assess and plan for your specific care needs, such as anesthesia and medical clearance for surgery
  • Coordinate your discharge plan for outpatient services, home, or a rehab facility
  • Help you get answers to insurance questions
  • Answer questions and coordinate your hospital care with Joint Center team members
  • You may call the Orthopaedic Nurse Clinician, Cynthia Drummond at 304-598-6720.

Shortly after your surgery is scheduled, the Joint Center secretary will contact you to:


  • Schedule you for our pre-operative total joint replacement class and verify appointments for medical testing
  • Coordinate your pre-operative care between the doctor’s office, the hospital, and the testing facilities, if necessary
  • Verify that you have made an appointment, if necessary, with your medical doctor and have obtained the pre-operative tests your doctor has ordered
  • Answer questions and direct you to specific resources within the hospital

You may call your physician’s secretary or the orthopaedic nurse clinician at any time before surgery to ask questions or raise concerns about your pending surgery.

Appointment Scheduling Office 304-598-4830
Orthopaedic Physician’s Office:
Dr. Matthew Dietz 304-285-7444
Dr. Benjamin Frye 304-285-7444
Dr. Adam Klein 304-293-1020
Dr. Brock Lindsey 304-293-1317
Dr. Barry McDonough 304-293-1020
Dr. T. Ryan Murphy 304-285-7444
Dr. David Waxman 304-293-1020
Orthopaedic Nurse Clinician
Cynthia Drummond
Fax: 304-598-4154