Planning Ahead

Depending on the procedure you are having, you may not be allowed to eat or drink anything for a specified length of time before your procedure. You will receive detailed instructions about this ahead of time. Be sure you understand these instructions.

If you do not comply with the instructions you receive concerning eating and drinking, your procedure may be cancelled.

If you will have any medication to relax or sedate you, you must bring a driver with you to take you home. If you have not arranged for a ride home, your procedure will be canceled.

Arrival and Check-In

After arriving at the hospital at the scheduled time, take the elevator from the lobby to level 2. Turn left when you get off the elevator, and you will find yourself in the Ruby Day Surgery Center waiting room. Sign in with the receptionist at the desk at the far end of the waiting room.

Important note: Out of consideration for patients who are not allowed to eat before their procedures, food and drinks are not allowed in this waiting room.

In the Preparation Area

A nurse will come and take you to a preparation area, where you will remain until it is time for your procedure. Only one person may accompany you to the preparation area. In this area, you will change into a hospital gown. You will need to remove all dentures, partials, artificial eyes or limbs, glasses, contact lenses, hairpieces, and jewelry, including body piercing rings or studs.

The nurse will take your temperature, pulse, and blood pressure, and answer any questions you may have about your procedure. Your nurse may start intravenous (IV) fluids, depending on the procedure you are having.

If the person having a procedure is a child, the nurse or anesthetist may give your child medication to relax. Usually this is given by mouth, but it may be an injection or nose drops. In children, intravenous fluids are usually started in the operating room to keep any discomfort to a minimum.

After the Procedure

After your procedure, your nurse will monitor your condition. If you are experiencing nausea or pain, tell the nurse. No matter how well you feel, you must have a nurse help you the first time you get up. Your nurse will let your companion join you as soon as possible. The type of procedure and anesthetic you had will determine how long you will need to stay at the hospital after your procedure.

Controlling your pain

Although some discomfort is hard to avoid, our goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible at all times. Your nurse will work closely with you to try to control pain. Because everyone is different in their response to pain, it is important to let your nurse know how much pain you are experiencing. You may be asked to rate your pain on a scale of 0-10. This helps the nurse select the most effective pain control method.

Before going home

Before you leave, there may be some things we need to make sure happen first, such as drinking some fluid or using the bathroom, depending on the type of procedure you had.

Driving and other restrictions

If you had any type of sedation, you must not drive for 24 hours. Your physicians and nurse will give you other specific instructions related to resuming normal activities, returning to work, and other things. We suggest that you have a responsible adult stay with you the night after your procedure.

Discharge Instructions

Before you leave the hospital, you will receive written instructions concerning medications, activities, return appointments, etc. If you don’t understand the instructions, ask your nurse to explain them.


Due to federal law, we are unable to fill prescriptions.

If you wish to fill a prescription before you leave our campus, there is a full-service, Medical Center Pharmacy located on the first floor of the Physician Office Center. It is open 7:30 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday, and 10 am to 2 pm Saturday (closed football Saturdays). The pharmacy provides prescription services and accepts most insurance prescription plans. The pharmacy also carries a selection of over-the-counter medications and supplies. Call 304-598-4848 for information.

Return Appointment

Your nurse will make a return appointment for you; most patients return to the Physician Office Center for follow-up visits. You may also make your own follow-up plans.


If you experience heavy bleeding or have trouble breathing after you leave the hospital, go immediately to the nearest emergency room. If you are having other problems, or have any questions, call Ruby Day Surgery Center at 304-598-6200 or WVU HealthLine at 800-982-8242 or 304-598-6100 (A registered nurse answers this line.).