Clinical Pastoral Education Extended Internship Program (CPE Level I) at WVU Medicine-WVU Hospitals

CPE Level I addresses the fundamentals of pastoral formation, competence, and reflection through one or more program units.

The Extended Unit

This unit is open to seminarians, clergy seeking continuing education, and qualified lay persons.

The extended unit consists of:

  • Thirteen hours per week for 30 weeks
    • Plus ten on-call days/overnights from February—July (16-hour periods on week nights)
  • Five hours of formal class time (Mondays from 1-6:30 pm)
  • A minimum of eight hours direct patient service time weekly (flexed to meet student’s individual schedules)
  • One additional hour, every other week for individual supervision

Admission requirements

WVU Medicine-WVU Hospitals’s Clinical Pastoral Education program follows the standards and guidelines of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. To be considered for admission to the CPE I program, applicants must complete and submit the following:

You must be:

  • A high school graduate or possess a GED
  • Invited to participate in an admissions screening interview

NOTE: Ordination by a faith community or commission to function in ministry by an appropriate religious authority is preferable.

Program learning and service expectations

  • Provide pastoral and spiritual care to patients as assigned
  • Share on-call call duty with staff and peers
  • Participate in all educational sessions, including:
    • Verbatim
    • Seminars
    • Patient-care conferences
    • Covenant groups
    • Didactic seminars
    • Role-play seminars
    • Individual supervision

Written activities

  • Learning agreement
  • Verbatim
  • Mid-unit evaluations
  • Reflection reports
  • Final evaluation



  • Nonrefundable application fee – $35
  • Nonrefundable deposit at acceptance – $100
  • Tuition – $450 (less deposit) is due the first day of the program, payable to WVU Hospitals
  • Limited financial assistance is available for qualified program participants. To request assistance, please complete the Application for Financial Assistance.