RN Refresher Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the costs associated with the RN Refresher Program?

A: Cost of this program will be based on the individual need of the individual and generally range from $75 per 8 hour day for clinical instruction to $110 for 12 hour day of clinical instruction. Workshop days will range from $35 for a 4 hour workshop day to $70 for an 8 hour workshop day.

Q: In what timeframe am I expected to complete the program?

A: Participants will be given 6 months to complete all requirements of the program.

Q: Am I guaranteed a position at WVUH upon completion of the program?

A: Successful completion of this program does help prepare the individual for a career at WVUH. Successful completion does not guarantee employment at WVUH. Participation in the program is voluntary and in no way creates an employment contract.

Q: I am required by the RN Board to complete a program to reinstate my license. Does this program fulfill that requirement?

A: This program is not a reinstatement program, which is required in the event an RN has let the nursing license expire or is under disciplinary action. This program is designed to allow individual flexibility for candidates that have an active, unencumbered RN license and have been out of the nursing field for five or more years.

Q: How do I purchase individual malpractice insurance?

A: Many insurance companies offer individual medical liability insurance. Various nursing associations and organizations act as resources for this information.

Q: What topics are covered in this program?

A: Each experience is somewhat customized fro the individual but generally, these topics are covered:

  • Pharmacology
  • Physical Assessment
  • IV Therapy Basic
  • Medical Surgical Nursing

Q: Am I able to participate in the program if I have had disciplinary action against my license in the past?

A: You must have an active license that is unencumbered at the time of application. Candidates with past disciplinary action may still be considered for acceptance into the program with a current unencumbered license.