HealthNet Aeromedical Helicopter Provides Relief to Glen Dale Community

HealthNet Aeromedical Services plans to house a helicopter base in Marshall County by mid-year. This helicopter base will serve:

  • Glen Dale
  • Wheeling
  • Eastern Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Camden-Clark Medical Center in Parkersburg.

This news comes after Reynolds Memorial Hospital and WVU Medicine established a partnership that has the community feeling rejuvenated. 

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Reynolds Memorial Hospital is First in Nation to Implant FDA Approved Iperia MR Conditional Cardiac Resynchronization Defibrillator

Heart Failure Patients Now Have Access to Diagnostic MRI Scans 

Cardiac Resynchronization DefibrillatorThe FDA recently approved a new cardiac resynchronization defibrillator that allows patients to undergo full-body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. Reynolds Memorial Hospital is the first hospital in the nation, not just the Ohio Valley, to successfully implant BIOTRONIK’s Iperia ProMRI HF-T device into a patient.  Learn more here or here.






A Cardiac Resynchronization Defibrillator

In the United States, more than five million Americans suffer from heart failure (HF). The condition occurs when the heart isn’t able to pump enough blood and oxygen to the rest of the body. Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) is used to treat the symptoms and complications associated with certain types of heart failure.  CRT defibrillators assist the pumping chambers to beat in a coordinated manner, enabling the heart to beat properly.

Heart failure patients, often elderly and living with significantly diminished quality of life, are habitually struggling with additional health conditions that may require future medical intervention. Cardiac rhythm management devices that have been FDA approved for use during magnetic resonance imaging scans ensure patients have access to technology that ensures accurate diagnosis of disease and illness.

“Heart failure patients often suffer from other health conditions and diseases. We want to ensure our patients always have access to advanced technologies that ensure accurate diagnosis and timely treatment,” said David Hess, M.D., CEO of Reynolds Memorial Hospital. “Iperia ProMRI HF-T does exactly that. Patients that receive an Iperia HF-T device know their future healthcare options will not be compromised because of their cardiac device. Every patient deserves this peace of mind. We congratulate Dr. Manider Bedi and Dr. Madhu Dharawat for their cutting-edge care of patients with heart failure”

Iperia ProMRI HF-T

Iperia ProMRI HF-TIperia ProMRI HF-T also provides automatic daily Home Monitoring transmission of data relevant to arrhythmic events and heart failure, as well as Closed Loop Stimulation Technology (CLS) that adapts the heart rate in response to physiological demands.

Patients interested in learning more about the Iperia ProMRI HF-T technology can visit Reynolds Memorial Hospital’s website.