HealthNet Aeromedical Helicopter Provides Relief to Glen Dale Community

HealthNet Aeromedical Services plans to house a helicopter base in Marshall County by mid-year. This helicopter base will serve:

  • Glen Dale
  • Wheeling
  • Eastern Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Camden-Clark Medical Center in Parkersburg.

This news comes after Reynolds Memorial Hospital and WVU Medicine established a partnership that has the community feeling rejuvenated. 

Where Will It Be Housed?

There are two plans being discussed.

Clinton Burley, CEO of HealthNet Aeromedical Services, said that the firm started negotiations to store the helicopter at the Marshall County Airport because of the protection the facility could provide from the bad elements as well as the airport having the ability to provide maintenance. This aviation facility is a three-minute flight from Glendale.

Dr. Hess, CEO of Reynolds Memorial Hospital, said that the Marshall County Board of Education has an agreement for helicopters to land at the high school near the Reynolds Campus.

There is a critical need for aeromedical services at Reynolds. Hess said, “We want to be as much as we can be to this community, but we can’t be everything to this community. If a patient needs critical care at Reynolds that can not be provided, they will be transported to Ruby in a swift and timely manner.”

What Kind of Helicopter?

The helicopter will be outfitted with a full avionics suite and medical staff, two units of blood and plasma.

Healthnet Aeromedical Services
Photo taken from HealthNet Aeromedical Services.

Who is HealthNet Aeromedical Services?

HealthNet Aeromedical Services is a not-for-profit service that has been shared between three hospitals/centers for 30 years.

  • WVU Medicine
  • Charleston Area Medical Center
  • Cabell Huntington Hospital

To learn more about HealthNet Aeromedical, click here.