Pet Therapy Program Introduced at Reynolds Memorial Hospital

The Skilled Nursing Unit at Reynolds Memorial Hospital is proud to announce the addition of a new Pet Therapy Program aimed at providing our patients and our employees the proven benefits of interaction with a therapy animal.

Benefits of Pet Therapy

According to research done by the Mayo Clinic, these benefits include:

  • Significantly reduced pain, anxiety, depression and fatigue in people suffering from a wide-range of health problems.
  • Indications also show that pet therapy may have similar benefits for hospital workers, including lowering stress hormone levels, blood pressure levels and heart rate.

What Does the Visit Consist of?

Pet Therapy Program at Reynolds Memorial Hospital
Chloe performs her tricks for the patients

The visits consist of individual time in each patient’s room, as well as group time in the Skilled Unit Activity Room.

The volunteers, whose dogs have been registered with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, have already begun their visits with great success. Patients greet our furry visitors with laughter, tears of joy and stories of their own pets at home.

A sincere and heartfelt “thank you” goes out to the Anderson & Montgomery families for their willingness to volunteer their time.

Pet Therapy Program at Reynolds Memorial Hospital
Romeo, Teagan and Bala, owned by the Anderson Family, pose for a picture on a recent visit.

The Pet Therapy Program will continue throughout the summer.

Any questions, please call 304.845.3211.