Copays…they’re unavoidable and sometimes a very costly part of any primary care physician, specialist, emergency room or urgent care facility visit.

You might be wondering what a copay is.  Your copay is the flat fee set by your insurer for a specific service.

How Much are Copays?

Take a look at your insurance card.  It might list several different dollar amounts or percentages based on where you are visiting.

  1. For instance, your Primary Care Physician is one amount, and usually, it is the least.
  2. A Specialist is usually a bit higher than a primary care physician.
  3. An Emergency Room copay could be anywhere from $50-$200.
  4. And finally, an Urgent Care Facility copay amount might also be listed on the insurance card. Generally, the Urgent Care Facility copay is an amount that is less than the Emergency Room, but far more than your Primary Care copay.

Often times, people will avoid seeking treatment, thus putting their health at risk, due to the high cost of the copay associated with an Emergency Room or Urgent Care Facility visit.

Reynolds Rapid Care Copays

When you visit Reynolds Rapid Care, you will not have to pay the high cost of an Emergency Room copay or Urgent Care copay. You will pay the same copay amount as you do at your Primary Care Physician’s office!

Reynolds Rapid Care offers x-rays, sutures, point of care testing, breathing treatments, Sports Physicals, EKG’s, Pulmonary Function Testing and much more. However, at Reynolds Rapid Care, they come at a far more practical cost.

Reynolds Rapid Care CopaysProviding Quality Care to the community at a reasonable cost –just another way Reynolds continues our mission to provide the best for our community for the next 100 years!

Reynolds Rapid Care is open from:

  • Monday through Friday:  11 a.m.- 7 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday:  8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Call us today, or visit our website304-843-3435  No appointment necessary!