BreakThru: A New Addiction Service Program for the Ohio Valley

Reynolds Memorial Hospital recently revealed “BreakThru,” a program aimed at helping people break the cycle of addiction and turning their lives around.

As of October 8, 2015, the program is helping those who fear the symptoms of withdrawal and fear other people knowing they’re in rehab.

BreakThru” is a substance abuse withdrawal service that allows patients to be privately admitted to a room on the medical floor with complete confidentiality.

The average stay is around 3 days.  During their stay, they are:

  • Monitored
  • Given medication to ease their withdrawal symptoms
  • Given a chance to rest and get their thoughts clear

Once they complete the program, they will typically transition to in-patient or outpatient treatment.

“We have partnered with Northwood, and they will do an intake on patients in the hospital so they can get into an intensive outpatient treatment program to help with their long-term addiction,” said Dr. David Hess, CEO of Reynolds Memorial Hospital.

Dr. David Hess, CEO Reynolds Memorial Hospital

This program is not like any other service provided in the tri-state area.

“We’re getting phone calls daily from patients and families, and they are excited because they didn’t know where to turn, and we want to be that first phone call for folks that don’t know where to turn,” said Hess.

BreakThru” is covered by most health insurances, Medicare and Medicaid.

For those who are uninsured, they can be helped through receiving a grant from the Schenk Foundation.

In addition to providing the substance abuse withdrawal service, leaders say that the ultimate goal is prevention. That is why Reynolds Memorial Hospital has also partnered with John Marshall High School for its drug prevention program.

If you or someone you know are battling addiction and need help breaking the cycle, please call 304-845-3211.

To learn more about “BreakThru,” read these two articles from WTRF and WTOV.


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