Reynolds Memorial Hospital, in conjunction with CONSOL Energy, recently completed a health fair for all McElroy mine employees and their families. The event offered several free services to the participants. They included: height, weight, lab testing, blood pressure, body fat analysis, grip strength, diabetes information, smoking cessation advice, and back safety information.

Reynolds Memorial Hospital joined forces with CONSOL Energy six years ago to sponsor these health fairs for the mine employees. All employees are encouraged to take part in the day’s events. All the information provided throughout the day goes directly to the employee, stated Melissa Marco, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Reynolds Memorial Hospital. We want to give each of these employees and their families the latest information regarding healthcare choices. This way, they have the opportunity to use this information now and maybe prevent some illnesses from developing or becoming advanced.

The health fair requires quite a bit of time and energy to plan and execute. Several employees from Reynolds Memorial Hospital were on hand to provide these services throughout the 12 hour day. We are proud of the hospital staff that routinely takes part in these activities, stated Jay Prager, Chief Executive Officer. We are dedicated to providing these services to the residents, employees and businesses of Marshall County.

CONSOL Energy has supported Reynolds Memorial Hospital over the years. A gift by CONSOL, which was philanthropic in nature, is given in support of hospitals, Volunteer Fire Departments, and other Volunteer Services that support their operations.

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