Potomac Valley Hospital now offers a home sleep study program.

What are the benefits of Home Sleep Testing?

  • The patient is able to self-administer the home sleep test and is able to spend the night in their own bed, in familiar surroundings.
  • Home sleep testing can be especially advantageous to the home-bound, elderly, or those with chronic illness, who require specialized care such as a nurse or family member spending the night, expensive transportation costs, etc. It is also beneficial for those having trouble arranging their schedules to spend the night in a lab.
  • The typical cost of a home sleep test or a home sleep study is only a fraction of the cost of an in-lab study and typically yields similar results in the diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

How does the home testing process work?

  • A patient will be referred to the Respiratory Therapy Department, by their regular physician, for a home sleep study test.
  • The patient will meet with the staff of Respiratory Therapy Department and provided with instructions on the portable testing device.
  • The portable testing device is a simple device that fits on your wrist like a watch and connects to the fingertips. After a push of a button, you simply enjoy a good nights sleep.
  • You will bring the testing device back to the Respiratory Therapy Department the next day.
  • The data will be downloaded and interpreted/evaluated by our Board Certified Sleep Medicine Physician.
  • Following the evaluation, the Respiratory Therapy Department will discuss the best treatment options for you.

For more information on Home Sleep Studies, please contact the Respiratory Therapy Department at 304-597-3787.