WVU Medicine Camden Clark recognizes area physicians for years of service to the hospital and community.

After nearly three years without an in-person ceremony, WVU Medicine Camden Clark Medical Center held their annual Time to Shine Physician Recognition Awards Dinner at The Parkersburg Country Club for their years of service to our hospital and community on Wednesday, October 19th. Pictured from left to right: Ernest Miller, DO, Stephan Hanna, MD, Kim Stooke, MD, Orton Armstrong, MD, Shari Vance, MD, Sean Smith, COO, WVU Medicine Camden Clark, Jeremy Parsons, DO, Steve Altmiller, President and CEO WVU Medicine Camden Clark


Retiree Physicians that were recognized included: Nik Shah, MD, Ernest Miller, DO, Dennis Newland, MD, Frank Schwartz, MD, Thomas Herrmann, MD, Gregory Moses, MD, John Kevin Koch, MD


Below are the awards for years of service:


5 years

Brian Hornsby, DO

Jeremy Parsons, DO

James Knopp, DO

Frederic Rawlins, DO


15 years

Jennifer Auxier, DO


20 years

Mahyar Tahbaz, DO

John Jeffrey McElroy, MD


25 years

Michael Mendoza, DO

Orton Armstrong, MD

Jeffery Braham, DO

Kim Stooke, MD

Sharileda Vance, MD


30 years

Stephan Hanna, MD

Jesse Ada, MD