WVU Medicine Camden Clark Provides Early Exposure to Careers in Healthcare

Hosts Bring a Child to Work Day for Local Students

WVU Medicine Camden Clark Medical Center provided an opportunity for local students interested in healthcare careers to engage in activities taking place at its Bring a Child to Work Day event on Friday, April 28.

Camden Clark hosted more than 65 children and grandchildren of hospital employees, enrolled in grades 4th - 8th. The program aimed to provide age-appropriate exposure of healthcare careers, along with a better understanding of the innerworkings of the hospital. 

WVU Medicine Camden Clark Medical Center Workforce Development Program Manager, Candy Gillespie, explained that Bring a Child to Work Day provided the opportunity to raise awareness among younger students about the healthcare field. 

"We thought this would be a good way to bring everyone together and give them some exposure to different different departments within the hospital, and let them know there are more than just nurses and doctors, as far as career paths go," Gillespie said. 

Hands-on presentations and activities took place throughout the day including proper hand washing and hygiene techniques, an ambulance tour and demonstration from first responders, rehabilitation stations, radiology demonstrations, pet therapy and more.

"We had an excellent response," Gillespie added.