Patient Comments from Satisfaction Surveys over the past year:

“My first two children were born in Reston, Va., and I have to admit that I was nervous about the quality of care I would receive at Jefferson Memorial. However, I am happy to report that the care at JMH far EXCEEDED that of Reston. I would happily recommend JMH to anyone in need of maternity/birthing care.”

“Very nice nurses really liked them.”

“Lisa did a really good job. She was very friendly and funny!”

“The nurses were extremely nice and courtesy. To me they went above and beyond the call of duty. They treated me as a friend not a patient. Especially nurse *Amy she made me feel so comfortable.”

“Nurses are wonderful!”

“The hospital provided excellent care, was greatly satisfied.”

“You are very lucky to have the OB nurses, some of the best nurses to ever care for me.”

“All of the nurses were excellent. The staff was extremely supportive of my birth wishes. Our main nurse was Courtney. When we arrived, she informed us that she had studied up on hypnosis for childbirth in case we came in on her shift. She wanted to be prepared to support me as best as possible. How awesome was that?!”

“Amy was incredible personally and technically (OB nurse).”

“I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Baltiera. My daughter experienced shoulder dystocia, and Dr. Baltiera acted calmly and swiftly and saved her life. He was amazing from start to finish. Once I was in the recovery room. I asked one of the nurses to bring the baby to me after the finished whatever tests the were performing on her. The nurse told me that they were finished, and Dr. Baltiera was at the nurses station rocking her. I was totally surprised. I didn’t imagine that was something an OB would do. He even brought us towels when we needed… the nurses were busy. What a doc!”

“Nurses in maternity ward were excellent!”

“Doctors were the best!”

“Courtney was a wonderful nurse!”

“Nurses were prompt and always available, answered questions, provided excellent care.”

“Night nurse Amanda listened to everything and was quick to help me with everything!”

“The nurses were all amazing!”

“I really appreciated the attention the nurses gave me and all the advice.”

“Loved the nurses they were great. They were best nurses I ever had.”

“My entire experience was wonderful. Nothing negative to report!”

“Staff was very accommodating to treatment requests/birth plan.”

“I was impressed by the staff’s attentiveness to me.”

“Nurses made sure I was comfortable during my stay made my labor & delivery easier.”

“Very pleased with physician and her skill through my difficult birth of my son due to complications.”

“Everyone that came in to visit was treated great. Especially my husband they made him feel at home.”

“The nurse was very informative and personable very thankful for her explanations & advice.”

“I had a great hospital experience.”

“Everyone was professional, caring & compassionate.”