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Our team of experts share in-depth information on many of the cutting-edge treatments and procedures available at the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute.

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Why use robotics in cardiac surgery
The recovery process
How is it performed?
What is Aortic Insufficiency?
Aortic Valve Repair Recovery
Advantages of Aortic Valve Repair
How are Aortic Valve Repairs performed?

Aortic Dissection Video Series with Dr. J. Hunter Mehaffey

What is aortic dissection?
Aortic heart surgery risks
How are aortic conditions corrected?
Aortic heart surgery recovery process
Coronary Artery Disease Treatments
What is the CABG recovery process?
How is the CABG procedure performed?
What is the CABG Procedure?
What are the risks with CABG procedure?
What is Mitral Valve Disease?
What are the risk of Mitral Valve Surgery?
What are the treatment options?
What is congenital heart disease?
What are the risks?
How are the surgeries performed?
What is the recovery?

Aortic Stenosis – TAVR with Dr. Akram Kawsara

What is aortic stenosis?
Recovery process for TAVR procedure
What is the TAVR procedure?
What are the treatment options?
Risks of TAVR
What is a Coronary Intervention?
Coronary Intervention risks
Coronary Intervention procedure
Coronary Intervention recovery process

Heart Failure – LVAD with Dr. Marco Caccamo

What is a heart failure?
LVAD Recovery
LVAD Procedure
What is Atrial Fibrillation?
What is the recovery process?
How is it Catheter Ablation performed?
What are the treatment options?
What are the risks?
Monitoring and Repair
What is the recovery process?
How is EVAR performed?

Lung Cancer – Lobectomy, with Dr. Robert Herron

What is a Lobectomy?
Lobectomy Risks
Lobectomy Procedure
Lobectomy Recovery

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