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We are setting the standard for ophthalmic care in West Virginia and beyond.

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With the aid of talented residents, fellows, faculty, researchers, and staff, we are able to accomplish our goals in the areas of clinical research in innovative ways. 

Clinical trials play a large and growing role in the medical options patients have today, and in the future. Nearly 4,000 experimental drug therapies are in active clinical trials today and that number will continue to grow as improvements are made in detecting disease, in understanding the root causes of acute and chronic illnesses, and in discovering medical innovations.

Clinical trials help to establish therapeutic innovations for vision-threatening diseases. By participating with informed consent in clinical trials at the WVU Eye Institute, patients can receive new treatments before they become widely available to the public. In addition, because certain vision threatening diseases such as glaucoma tend to run in families, participating in clinical trials may one day benefit the children and grandchildren of participants.

The WVU Eye Institute clinical research program is directed by Tony Realini, MD, MPH.

To find out if you are eligible to participate in a clinical trial, contact Aimie Jones at

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Funding Visual Science Research

Making untreatable vision problems treatable: WVU receives $11M for visual sciences research center

Latest News

A clinical trial conducted by the WVU Eye Institute for the use of EYELEA, an injection medication, has led to FDA approval for the treatment of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP).

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Clinical Research

The experts at the WVU Eye Institute conduct ongoing clinical trials and research studies.

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