In addition to the intensive care units of WVU Medicine Children’s, 6 South East provides services for children and adolescents who require less intensive life-supporting care. From the treatment of children with hematology, oncology, or cardiology needs to the care of children needing a tonsillectomy or diabetes treatment, this 32-bed unit is experienced in providing the highest level of treatment for a wide range of pediatric needs.

Our physicians and staff represent more than 90 pediatric specialty areas, including nationally recognized programs for the medical and surgical management of congenital heart disease and pediatric neurosurgery.

As members of the largest academic medicine center in the state, our healthcare teams provide the most advanced medical treatments available to our patients.

The nursing staff at WVU Medicine Children’s can be counted among the most experienced professionals at WVU Medicine. Some veteran nurses have more than 31 years of pediatric experience caring for children in our state.

All nurses joining the pediatric nursing group have a six-week training period working in partnership with an experienced pediatric mentor.