Request the Transport Team: 855-WVU-KIDS (855-988-5437)

WVU Medicine Childrens Transport Team Ambulance.The WVU Medicine Children’s Transport Team provides a state-of-the-art mobile intensive care unit for transport of critically ill pediatric and neonatal patients to WVU Medicine Children’s in Morgantown. We are available 24/7 and serve referral sites throughout West Virginia and the surrounding areas.

The WVU Medicine Children’s Transport Team is the only unit in northern West Virginia dedicated exclusively to children and neonates. The Team provides en route care from the most basic to the most advanced to children ages newborn to 18 years.

Calls to 855-WVU-KIDS will be immediately connected to a pediatric physician specialist, a transport nurse, a NNP, or a resident physician to help facilitate care during the transfer.

Preparing the Patient for Transport

When arranging for patient transport via the Transport Team of WVU Medicine Children’s, please have this information available:

  • Patient name
  • Age
  • Diagnosis, presenting problem, or mode of injury
  • Vital signs
  • Weight
  • Pertinent laboratory / diagnostic data
  • Treatment received
  • Contact phone number

A Unique Service

Medical transportation of children over substantial distances involves distinct challenges and requires specially trained teams of healthcare professionals.

The goal of WVU Medicine Children’s is to bring intensive care nursing and respiratory care services to the referring institution, and maintain a fully supportive environment for the patient during the period of travel to Morgantown. The team serves children who require intensive monitoring and continuation of intensive care therapies while en route to WVU Medicine Children’s.

  • Our unique dispatch center is staffed to provide fast, courteous service to the hospitals and physicians that contact WVU Medicine Children’s for patient referral, consultation, and transport services.
  • Callers to the WVU KIDS LINE will be connected with a physician, a transport RN, RRT, NNP and/or resident.


The critical care transport team uses the most up-to-date equipment, including invasive and non-invasive cardio-respiratory monitoring, ventilators, emergency medications, and chest drainage systems.

Nitric Oxide delivering capabilities are also available  by specially trained respiratory therapists. Nitric Oxide has been proven highly effective with neonates with hypoxic respiratory failure and pulmonary hypertension.


The physician staff of WVU Medicine Children’s is composed of fellowship trained(board certified) pediatric and neonatal critical care physicians who work closely with community physicians in all aspects of  patient transport. Specially trained physicians from WVU Medicine Children’s consult on every patient with the referring healthcare provider.

Registered Nurses

The transport team nurses have experience in pediatric intensive care as well as extensive training in pediatric transport. All transport team nurses are certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), CCT and EMS-RN.

Registered Respiratory Therapists

The transport team also utilizes Registered Respiratory Therapists. They have experience in pediatric critical care along with intensive training in transports.

Neonatal Nurse Practitioners

The transport team also utilizes the highly trained skills of a neonatal nurse practioner for those infants less than 32 weeks and less than 1500 grams.