You’ll need to arrive 45 minutes before your appointment time and check in at your doctor’s location. Someone there will bring you to the sedation service area and introduce you to the sedation team.

At least one adult will need to accompany the child to the procedure, and if the child is age 5 or younger, we recommend two adults accompany the child for the safest discharge and car transfer home.

Once your child’s needs are assessed and he/she is appropriately sedated, the parent will be escorted to the waiting area until the procedure is complete. Once the procedure is complete, the parent is brought back into the room. This way, when your child wakes up, you will be right next to them.

To ensure your child’s safety, we have very specific diet restrictions before they take part in the sedated service:

Infants 0-12 months of age:
6 hours before – stop all sold foods and formulas
4 hours before – stop breast milk
2 hours before – stop all clear liquids

Children 13 months and older
8 hours before – stop all solid foods
2 hours before – stop all clear liquids
Having an empty stomach is important for your child’s safety. Your child’s appointment will be rescheduled if you have not followed the specified restrictions.

Fever or Illness:
If your child has been ill with a fever or cold symptoms for the past 2 weeks, please call our scheduler at 304-293-1017. We may need to reschedule your child’s sedation and procedure.