WVU Medicine Children’s Pediatric Endocrinology treats children who have problems with growth, puberty, diabetes, or other disorders related to the hormones and the glands that produce them. Our pediatric endocrinologists deal with hormone disorders at all stages of childhood and the teen years. They are supported by a team, including nurses, a psychologist, pediatric diabetes educators, and a dietitian.

Conditions We Treat

At WVU Medicine Children’s, we treat patients with all types of endocrine conditions, including:

  • Adrenal disorders
  • Bone and mineral disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Pituitary diseases
  • Puberty disorders
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Turner syndrome

Evaluation and Treatment

We provide education, treatments, and therapies that include:

  • Diabetes education and self-management training
  • Growth hormone and IGF-1 treatment
  • Hormone replacement
  • Insulin replacement therapy, including insulin pumps and continuous glucose sensors
  • Lupron injections
  • Oral hypoglycemic agents

School Orders

Help us to best serve you and your child at school.

Advocate for yourself and your child by taking these steps:

Access the school order forms on this website. (Click to download.)

Contact your school nurse and schedule a meeting

  • This helps open a line of communication between school nurses and families.

Complete this form entirely and bring it to the meeting with the school nurse

  • Discuss your thoughts about your child’s care and how diabetes should be best addressed in the school setting.
  • Receive input from your school nurse about any questions they have about your/your child’s care.
  • Educate your nurse that you are comfortable making dose changes and often do so between appointments with the team.
  • Remind the school nurse that we encourage greater independence with care.
  • Establish a way you will update the school nurse on any changes you make between appointments so you/your child never go a day without appropriate care.
  • Send completed school order forms to our team for review and to be signed.

Send completed school order forms to our team for review and to be signed. Options are listed below in order of preference:

  • Fax to: 304-293-1234
  • Send through MyWVUChart
  • Hand deliver during your next clinic visit
  • Mail to:

WVU Pediatric Endocrinology
PO Box 9214
Morgantown, WV 26506


You may also consult with us about dosing changes, but please remember that you know your child best and what works/does not work for them. You are the expert in your child’s life.


We strive to empower our patients and their families to grow in their independence with their diabetes care. This includes increasing confidence around making dosing changes as they see trends.

Independent Patients:

You may also consult with us about dosing changes, but please remember that you know yourself best and what works/does not work for you. You are the expert in your life.

Appointments and Directions

855-WVU-CARE 855-988-2273
1 Medical Center Drive
Physician Office Center
Morgantown, WV 26506

Clinic Number


Summersville Outreach Clinic


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