Your First Appointment

You can help us to help you better by providing us with all necessary documents.

Before your first scheduled appointment, please provide all necessary medical records, radiology films and pathology slides from outside facilities. Send them at least three business days before your first appointment so our doctors have time to review this information.

What to bring with you:

  • Insurance card (s)
  • Prescription card
  • A photo ID
  • Emergency contact information, please note: this must be different then your contact information
  • Current medication list
  • List of any questions for doctor or nurse
  • A copy of your advance directive/medical power of attorney

During Your Appointment

  • Only patients are allowed in the lab and small treatment areas. We ask for all visitors to wait in the lobby.
  • Visitors to the long treatment area are limited to one adult at a time. We ask that additional visitors wait in the lobby.
  • For safety reasons, we strongly discourage bringing children under the age of 12 into the treatment area. Children under the age of 12 can wait in the lobby with appropriate adult supervision.
  • Treatment chairs are for patients only. We ask that visitors not sit in the treatment chairs.
  • We encourage patients and visitors to bring reading or other materials to help occupy time while you receiving your treatment or waiting for test results.
  • The treatment area provides limited refreshments for patients. For treatments scheduled through lunch or over an extended period, we recommend bringing your own meal or having a friend/family member bring one to you.