Lab Tests and Imaging Procedures

Blood work (labs) may be needed as part of your care. A separate lab appointment will be scheduled for you to have your blood drawn. Lab appointments are scheduled at least 60 minutes before any doctor or treatment visit for test results needed the same day.

Depending on the test, it takes 45-90 minutes from the time the laboratory receives the specimen to get results. Sometimes, your doctor cannot see you until the results of tests are available.

Blood work and other tests may also be scheduled the day before or a few days before your scheduled doctor or treatment visit so your results are available before your physician or treatment visit.

Imaging/Radiology tests such as CT scans, PET scans, and other x-rays are separate appointments. Certain tests can take several hours to do. After the test is done, it can take several more hours to get results of the test. Results may or may not be available on the same day a test is done.

Scheduling all test, doctor, and treatment appointments on the same day is not always possible. Your plan of care may require you to make several trips to WVU Cancer Institute locations.

Please let us know if you do not live within the immediate area (more than 50 miles), and it is a hardship for you to travel back and forth on several days. We may be able to have some tests done closer to home and the results faxed to us before you come.