Cancer Screening Programs


The WVU Cancer Institute held their first multi-cancer screening event on Saturday, May 18.  This event was a community event offering free screenings for head and neck, oral, and skin cancer screening; clinical breast exams; low-cost screenings for lung and cervical cancer.  In addition, attendees were provided opportunities to learn about oral self-exams, smoking cessation, tours of the “Strollin’ Colon” and provided information on cancer screenings.


Screening Outcomes:

Screening Offered Community Participants Effectiveness
Cervical Cancer Exams 0 NA
Clinical Breast Exams 20 No positive findings
Lung Cancer Screening 5 Low dose CT scans normal
Bonnie's Bus Mammogram 11 No positive findings
Oral Cancer Screenings 28 Two participants were required further evaluation by ENT clinic, 11 participants required routine follow up with their primary care provider
Skin Cancer Exams 85 Presumptive diagnoses given: seborrheic keratosis (29), actinic keratosis (15), basal cell carcinoma (2).

Five patients were referred to Dermatology and two patients were recommended for biopsy.

There were no positive findings found during the screening, however, several attendees referred for further evaluation with specialty clinics or their Primary Care Physician.

West Virginia ranks among the highest in rates of many cancers in the country.  Screening tests are an important part of a healthy lifestyle and provide the best chance of detecting cancer as early as possible.  The next multi-screening event will be held at the WVU Cancer Institute in Spring 2020.