Volunteers Serve Hospital and Community

Camden Clark Volunteers and Auxiliary provides vital services within the hospital as well as to our community. The volunteer program consists of both adult and teen volunteers. The adult program consists of college aged students and all adults. The teen program consists of students 14 years of age that have completed the 8th grade. Teen orientation is held each year in August so submit your application accordingly and prior to August 1.

Join Our Dedicated Team
Through volunteering, you will experience challenging and rewarding activities and valuable service to others!  Volunteer opportunities are available in the areas below.  Find out more by calling our Volunteer Services Department at (304) 424-2847 or e-mail Marjorie Reed at marjorie.reed@wvumedicine.org. or click here to submit an application.

Now accepting applications for Teen Volunteers. Must be 14 years old and completed the 8th grade. COVID Vaccine is required and must show proof. Class size is limited and applications will be accepted until August 19th.

  • Auxiliary Fundraising Projects
  • Central Registration
  • Courtesy Mobile Driver
  • Emergency Services
  • Endoscopy
  • Escort Services
  • Fitness Center
  • Gift Shop
  • Hospitality Cart
  • Human Resources
  • Information Desk
  • Laboratory
  • Library
  • Lifetime Partners
  • Magazine Distribution
  • Marketing
  • Materials Management
  • Medical Records
  • Nursing Service
  • Oncology Services
  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Visitor
  • Physical Therapy
  • Physician’s Relations
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Radiology
  • Same-Day Care
  • Sewing
  • Shopping Cart
  • Volunteer Office Assistant
  • Wayfinding
  • Women’s Center
  • Women & Children’s

Camden Clark Auxiliary assists with numerous special projects that raises money for the hospital. Since its beginnings in 1952, the Auxiliary has contributed more than $3 million to the hospital, as well as a phenomenal number of volunteer hours.

The Auxiliary also raises money for scholarships to help fund healthcare education. For more information about the Leo D. Carsner Memorial Scholarships, click here.