PEIA Weight Management Program


The Camden Clark Health and Wellness Center is the only approved site in the area to offer the PEIA Weight Management Program.



This program is designed to help you lose weight and improve your health. As an exclusive provider, the Camden Clark Health and Wellness Center will provide participants with a comprehensive weight management plan suited to their unique and individual needs. You will receive the services of a dietitian, an exercise physiologist and personal trainers while gaining access to a fitness facility meeting PEIA’s quality criteria.


Why is PEIA Offering this Benefit?

Program participants experience improved physical and psychological wellbeing. Although we do not expect the program will solely reverse the epidemic of obesity in West Virginia, it does offer the necessary supports for those people who are committed to making a personal lifestyle change.


Who Qualifies for the Weight Management Program

  • You must have PEIA Preferred Provider Benefit Insurance; this does NOT include Humana or the Health Plan.
  • You will be responsible for any costs if your insurance changes!
  • You must have a Body Mass Index of 30 or greater; or
  • A waist circumference of 35 inches or greater (for women) or 40 inches or greater (for men)
  • You must be ready to make permanent lifestyle changes and have the approval of your physician or nurse practitioner.


What Services Will I Receive?

Dietitian Services:
An individualized nutritional assessment with follow-up visits

Exercise Physiologist Services:
A fitness assessment with follow-up visits

Personal Trainer Services:
Individualized fitness plan development and implementation
Access to the weight management facilities’ fitness facility so long as you participate in the program

Care Management Services:
Assistance from specially trained Lifestyle Management nurses

How Much Will It Cost?
There is no coinsurance or deductible, only $20 per month copayment per participant. Since the program is a once per lifetime benefit, participants are advised to use it only if they feel ready… participants who drop out will not be able to return to the program.