Our Aerobics Instructors

Classes  are offered at various times six days a week and are taught by certified aerobic instructors. Our classes center around benching and other routines that are offered at a variety of levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced. Classes focus on step, low- and high-impact, weights and floor work. A specialized ab class is also offered. Aerobics instructor certifications:

  • Barbara Rosenbohm: FitTour, Water Aerobic Instructor
  • Carla Adams: AFAA, Spin and Pump Rx Instructor
  • Chris Poe: NETA and AAF, Forever Young and Water Instructor
  • Debbie Modesitt: FitTour and NETA, Water Aerobic and Arthritic Water Instructor
  • Harry Stephens: Spin Instructor
  • Lanita Wentzel: NETA, Spin Instructor
  • Patty Montgomery: NETA, Cardiotonic Instructor
  • Melissa Shea: HIIT and Yoga Instructor
  • Trina McKiernan: FitTour, Water Aerobic Instructor
  • Carisa Smith: AFAA Group Fitness, Zumba and Aqua Zumba


AEA = American Exercise Association

AFA = American Arthritis Foundation

ASFA = American Sport and Fitness Association

FitTour = Fitness Instructor Training

NDEITA = National Fitness Professional Training Association

NETA = National Exercise Trainers Association