Radial Artery Access Cardiac Catheterization

WVU Heart and Vascular Institute interventional cardiologists offer radial artery access, a cardiac catheterization technique that uses arteries in the wrist to reach the heart.

Radial artery wrist access allows for the same tests and procedures as other catheterization methods for diagnosing and treating coronary artery disease, with increased benefit over traditional femoral artery (groin) access.

The advantages of using the radial artery as an access point include:

  • decreased risk of complications from bleeding
  • faster recovery time
  • greater comfort for patients
  • faster mobility
  • shorter hospital stays

Women, older, or obese patients may especially benefit from radial artery access.

Appointments and Information

For more information visit the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute- Eastern Region page.

For an appointment call 855-WVU-CARE (855-988-2273).

If you are a community provider and wish to make a referral to the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute, we will work closely with you to ensure both you and your patients have a personalized experience. To refer a patient, you can call 800-982-6277 or call our clinics directly.