Medical Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with Surgical Theater (Coming Soon)

Surgical Theater offers patients and surgeons a new way to take an immersive look inside the brain and spine. This advanced visualization platform allows physicians to create a 360-degree reconstruction of a patient’s anatomy that can be used for patient engagement, preoperative planning and intraoperative visualization.

Before your surgery, our team uses Surgical Theater to create a precise surgical plan based on your unique anatomy. Using this advanced medical virtual reality platform, your physician can take you on a walk inside your brain and spine to help you visualize the tumor and surgical plan.

During your surgery, our Neurosurgeons use the 360-degree visualization to get a closer look at your brain and spine from every angle. Through the use of SyncAR, Surgical Theater’s augmented reality platform, surgeons are able to overlay critical structures onto your anatomy through the oculars of the microscope to deliver critical visual navigation information and enhanced precision during your surgical procedure.

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