WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute uses the Mazor X robotic surgical guidance system. This state-of-the-art technology is a transformative leap forward in spinal surgery. Mazor X maximizes surgical predictability and allows surgeons to achieve greater precision for optimal patient benefit.

Minimally invasive procedures can mean less pain, less blood loss, smaller incisions, shorter hospitalizations, and shorter recovery time for patients. Smaller incisions usually pose a challenge to surgeons due to the limited view of the anatomy. The Mazor X system helps to overcome this challenge with a 3D comprehensive surgical plan and analytics that give the surgeon unprecedented information before the surgery even starts. The result? The surgeon may operate with greater precision, efficiency, and confidence.

Mazor X offers data-enabled surgery for a streamlined and connected operating room environment with three integrated processes:

  • Pre-operative analytics – These tools help to create a comprehensive surgical plan of the whole surgery using 3D planning.
  • Intra-operative guidance – This utilizes precision mechanics and the surgical arm to guide tools and implants at the right trajectory and position, according to the surgical plan in the surgical field.
  • Intra-operative verification – Before instrumenting, the Mazor X eye camera provides intra-operative verification of the surgical arm and position.