Cultivating a Strong Foundation for Success

The Nurse Residency Program is a Transition to Practice Program that is centered on the success and retention of our newly or recently graduated nurses. Designed to complement our hospital and unit-based orientations, this evidence-based program supports the new nurse’s journey into becoming a competent and independent member of our healthcare team. Led by clinical experts, monthly educational workshops are incorporated to promote clinical reasoning, leadership, and professional development. Each workshop will involve a selection of interactive presentations, small group activities, and hands-on experiences. Educational workshops and support sessions allow residents to enhance their professional development while collaborating and developing relationships with other nurses and members of the healthcare team. This collaboration is further encouraged through an evidence-based practice project. In addition, throughout the program, each Nurse Resident will be followed by a Transition Coordinator, who will “check in” on a regular basis to support the Nurse Resident’s transition through the first year of practice.


Who is Eligible?

NO APPLICATION NECESSARY. Enrollment is based upon experience.

  • All new graduate RNs with 0-6 months of experience at time of hire: AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED for next cohort
  • Recently graduated RNs with 7-12 months of experience at time of hire: SELECTIVE ENROLLMENT

We currently enroll two cohorts per year (for entry in either August or February). For more information, please contact the Education Department: (304) 264-1383.