Mat Pilates with Props

Instructor: Erica Bentley

Time: 12:00 – 1:00 pm

When: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

Where: Wellness Studio located near the Fitness Center, 1st floor WVU Cancer Center

Pilates mat classes focus on developing core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. Classes are done on the floor using your body and a mat. Mats are provided.

Monday: Beginner Mat Pilates – The Beginner Mat class introduces students to the Pilates Principles and beginner Pilates exercises on the mat. Join us as we blend strength and flexibility training to improve posture, reduce stress and create long, lean muscles. The focus will be on body awareness, form, technique and proper breathing. This class is open and appropriate for students of all levels. No previous Pilates experience is necessary.

Wednesday: Pilates with Props – Using Pilates circles, foam rollers and resistance bands, this mixed-level props class will add variety to the Pilates mat exercises. The focus of this total body workout will be challenging the core and surrounding muscles while maintaining control and good form. This class is open to students of all levels.

Friday: Intermediate / Advanced Mat Pilates – This class will build upon the beginner exercises and introduce more difficult intermediate and advanced level exercises, with and without props. It is recommended for students who have a solid core foundation and a comfortable understanding of the Pilates beginner mat exercises. It is recommended that students have attended at least one full session of beginner mat before attempting this class.

Class Fees:

$3 + 22 Wellness Points for Employees of: WVU Medicine, WVU at Health Sciences Campus, WVU Downtown & Evansdale Campuses

$25 for Spouses & Dependents of Employees (Employee spouses, dependents (age 14-20) may participate as space permits)

$25 for WVU Students

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