About Us

Who is eligible to participate in the Wellness Center’s programs?

The Wellness Center serves the employees of WVU Medicine (WVUH), West Virginia University Health Sciences Campus (WVU@HSC), West Virginia University (Downtown and Evansdale Campuses)*, and University Health Associates (UHA). Anyone who is on the payroll of these entities is eligible to participate in all programs and services. Spouses may also participate. Community members may participate as space permits.

Professional students from the following schools on the West Virginia University Health Sciences Campus may participate in all programs and services: (School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy, School Dentistry, and School of Public Health).

West Virginia University employees located on either Downtown or Evansdale Campuses are not permitted to use the Fitness Center due to lack of available space.

What are Wellness Points?

Employees earn Wellness Points by answering two questions: 1) Do you avoid all forms of tobacco? 2) Do you engage in at least 150 minutes of exercise per week?

As an employee of WVU Medicine, WVU Employee at HSC, or WVU you may receive 25 Wellness Points per semester for each “yes” answer. Each point is equal to $1. Each semester the employee is required to pay the first $3 for a class. The employee’s Wellness Points are used for the remaining fee (i.e., Total class fee $35, Employee responsible for $3, the Wellness Center will deduct 32 points from the employees balance). Wellness Points can be accumulated up to 200 points/year. Online forms are available for printing by clicking on the link in the table below.

How do I obtain Wellness Points?

Wellness point forms may be completed annually. Online forms are available for printing by clicking on the following link: Wellness Points form. Forms are also available at the Wellness Center main office (Room 8722, 8th Floor, Health Sciences South).

Earning Wellness Points

Answering “yes” to both questions:


Answering “yes” to one questions:


How do I use my Wellness Points?

Employees pay a nominal fee depending on the program, and the remainder of the fee is covered by Wellness Points.

How do I join the Fitness Center?

Call the Wellness Center to schedule a brief 15 minute orientation. A Wellness Center staff member will demonstrate proper equipment use, explain how to access the fitness center, and ensure that new members are comfortable with the facility. You will need to complete a brief medical history and waiver form and pay a one-time fee of $10 (approved for Wellness Points).

Can I join a class already in progress?

Yes, you are always welcome to join a class or program in progress! Simply contact the Wellness Center wellnesscenter@hsc.wvu.edu or 304-293-2520 or stop by our office located in Room 8722 on the eighth floor of Health Sciences Center South to sign up.