St. Joseph’s Hospital of Buckhannon is committed to providing quality care to patients regardless of their ability to pay. In emergencies, treatment will not be delayed because of financial or insurance issues. The hospital acknowledges that there are patients who do not possess the ability to pay for emergent or medically necessary healthcare services. The following guidelines have been established to provide financial assistance to our patients in need.

Who is eligible for Financial Assistance?

A patient is eligible for 100% financial assistance if he/she:
  • Has received or is scheduled to receive Emergency or Medically Necessary Care
  • Has a household income less than twice the federal poverty limit
  • Does not have substantial assets
  • Has applied for and has been denied Medicaid coverage
  • Is a citizen or permanent resident of the United States (foreign students are not eligible)
Patients outside of these guidelines may also be considered on an exception basis.


Sample Income Guidelines for 2016 (click to enlarge):


How do I apply for Financial Assistance?

If you feel that you may meet the requirements above, an application may be obtained from the following sources:
  • You can download a copy of the application in pdf format here
  • By calling or visiting the Financial Counselors’ Office at 304-460-7931 or 304-460-7920 between 8 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday
  • By calling or visiting the Patient Financial Services department at 304-473-6811 between 8 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday
Please complete all sections of the application form and assemble all required documentation prior to submitting your application. If you need help completing your application, please contact or visit our Financial Counselors by phone at 304-473-6811, or visit our Patient Financial Services office.  The Office is open between 8 am and 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday.
Completed applications can be mailed to St. Joseph’s Hospital, 1 Amalia Dr. Buckhannon WV 26201 or can be delivered to our Patient Financial Services office between 8 am and 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday.

What is covered under Financial Assistance?

All emergency and medically necessary care is covered. Once you are approved, you are covered for 6 months.

What is not covered under Financial Assistance?

Not all services will be covered under Financial Assistance. The following services are excluded:
  • Elective or cosmetic services
  • Maternity services
  • Reproductive services
  • Services not considered medically necessary by most insurance companies
For a complete list of excluded services, please contact a financial counselor at 304-473-6811.

Where can I obtain a copy of your Financial Assistance Policy?

Our full Financial Assistance Policy is available:
  • Click to download the Financial Assistance Policy
  • Via mail by calling our Financial Counselors at 304-460-7931 or 304-460-7920
  • Via mail by calling Patient Financial Services at 304-473-6811
  • For pick-up in the admissions area, registration in the emergency department of St. Joseph’s Hospital, or the Patient Financial Services office at 1 Amalia Drive, Buckhannon, WV.

What if I do not qualify for financial assistance or cannot meet the guidelines above?

If you are unable to qualify for 100% financial assistance as outlined above. You will still be eligible for discounted care. If you are uninsured, you will not be charged more than 50% of our current billed charges for your hospital bill. This discount ensures that you are not charged more than amounts generally billed for patients covered under Medicare and other private health insurers. If you have insurance, other discounts may be available for you as well. Please contact our Financial Counselors at or Patient Financial Services at 304-473-6811 for more information.